About Jim

I'm a Neo-Generalist. A low-code/no-code digital utilitarian; I draw on experience and learn as needed with each new challenge. 30 years, many professions, leveraging contemporary tools, engineering purposeful solutions. I optimize for cost effective capacity with high customer satisfaction. What's a Neo-Generalist? See here: https://indalogenesis.com/the-neo-generalist/ I thrive in a startup environment and seek a role on a distributed team as a committed, dedicated remote worker. Without knowing your specific needs, expressing the value I represent to you is difficult. My experience plus more than a decade of SaaS platform hunting, experimenting, and deployment, positions me as a high-value asset for startups seeking to have their app/solution extend to the broader market beyond early adopters and existing digitally savvy professionals. My intuitive understanding of the link between purpose, platform, and projection is the differentiating qualitative factor regarding value I bring to the table.